We recently undertook a landmark survey to determine whether our readers want to see our tweets here on this blog. The short answer is: yes.

First, 62% of respondents want to see tweets on the blog at least once a week. And a whopping 75% want to see tweets at least once a month:

Lesson: Consider putting your tweets on your blog. Surprisingly, and yet also, unsurprisingly, people who already follow us on Twitter are more interested in seeing tweets on the blog than people who don’t follow us.

Second, a stunning 30% of respondents want to get our tweets over email:

Third, 65% of respondents already follow us on Twitter:

Fourth, 50% of respondents volunteered to be on our customer development team. Lesson: Ask for help—you might be surprised by the response.

We also learned to pilot and test surveys on Twitter. Before distributing the survey broadly, we put up a tweet asking people to check out the survey. Then we used their feedback to make the survey more clear.

Finally, here’s my favorite comment from one of the respondents:

“[You] guys seem to exhibit a sense of humor. Absent that, all this stuff is unbearable.”

I need to remember that.

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