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Top 5 tweets of the week

We calculated the top 5 tweets of the week by looking at the click-throughs of our links (example):

438 clicks: Sell your product with fake screenshots. Read (This tweet also made it to the top of Hacker News; first tweet ever to make it to the top?).

240 clicks: “The idea that anyone at all would build a business around funding startups is the remarkable thing.” – @pkedrosky,

217 clicks: VC-backed foursquare uses Google Docs to collect customer feedback: No code, no maintenance. Keeping it minimal baby.

200 clicks: Chris Dixon (@cdixon) on the problem with taking seed money from big VCs: Some solutions:

182 clicks: “We’re often told that there are no shortcuts to success… There are always shortcuts and loopholes.” – Paul Buchheit (@paultoo),

Editor’s choice

My favorite tweet of the week:

208 clicks: Your next feature won’t save you. But product/market fit, acquisition optimization, and creative distribution might. See:

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