We wrote a lot of comments on other people’s blogs this week. Then we shared them on Twitter. I think you’ll like them. Here’s the top 4:

How do you raise money if you’re a very early stage companies with no product, traction, or track record? Some thoughts: http://j.mp/Uy0iR. (345 clicks — on the weekend!)

If you want to be a founder, but you’re going to be an employee for now, should you join a startup or non-startup? See http://j.mp/XTpYr. (274 clicks)

Why create a new market if you can resegment an existing market? See http://j.mp/e7wnN. (255 clicks)

Does Sequoia’s investment in Y Combinator hurt YC companies? My thoughts: http://j.mp/1Iytwx. (251 clicks)


And here’s the top 5 links we shared on Twitter this week:

“Startups… punish effort that doesn’t yield results.” – Eric Ries (@ericries), http://j.mp/qI5FE (283 clicks)

“10 Disturbing Similarities Between Dating & Raising Capital” by SEOMoz founder, Rand Fishkin. Video: http://j.mp/1WfnSv. Thanks @zoransa. (234 clicks)

“Real wealth creation will take founding, seniority, or staggeringly large exits.” – Aaron Cohen’s advice to employees, http://j.mp/2CypaP (198 clicks)

Meet a CO-FOUNDER at Founder Dating in the Bay Area: http://j.mp/35teD7. Great idea, great name. (195 clicks)

An oldy but goody from ex-VC Bill Burnham: “Understanding Why Your VC Is Acting Crazy”, http://j.mp/1nswtZ. (166 clicks)

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