“Entrepreneurship in a lean startup is really a series of MVP’s”

Eric Ries

“We kept to minimum feature spec. I think that is always very important. It is hard to determine what to do until you launch.”

Immad Akhund

Do minimum viable products seem abstract? Here’s 10 examples:

  1. “If Apple can launch a smartphone without Find or Cut-and-Paste, what can you cut out of your product requirements?” – Sramana Mitra
  2. USV-backed foursquare uses Google Docs to collect customer feedback. No code, no maintenance.
  3. Fliggo sells it before they build it.
  4. Grockit puts up a notify-me-when-you-release form on steroids.
  5. Auto e-commerce site uses manualation and flintstoning for their backend.
  6. Semiconductor company uses 5 people and FPGAs to build a $100M semiconductor product line.
  7. Consumer company uses fake screenshots to sell their product.
  8. Allicator uses Facebook ads: “Ditch Digger? Feeling spread thin? Click here to complete a survey and tell us about it.”
  9. ManyWheels uses Microsoft Visio to build clickable web demos for prospective customers.
  10. Cloudfire uses a classic customer development problem presentation.

Work in small batches. A minimum viable product is simply the smallest batch that will teach you something. What can you release in one day?

“The first version of Gmail was literally written in a day.”

Paul Buchheit

Please add your favorite MVPs in the comments. Don’t be lazy.

Even more MVPs

  1. RightNow uses phone calls to iterate on their MVP.
  2. The team that started Isilon spent a year meeting high level execs and researchers and engineers around the world to understand the broad requirements of the mobile industry.

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