is our new blog where we collect the best startup advice on video. We’re starting it off strong with an hour of Q&A with Marc Andreessen from Stanford’s ECorner.

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In the last week or so, we’ve noticed an increase in good startup advice on video. There’s TWiVC, GigaOM TV, SLLConf, TechCrunch TV, Stanford’s ECorner, and lots more.

Who has time to watch all this? You don’t. Neither do I. But I do have time to watch some of it while I’m brushing my teeth, folding laundry, and cleaning the toilet. If I watch it and like it, we’ll link to it on

Why Tumblr?

We’ve been using WordPress since the dawn of time but we’re trying Tumblr for VHTV. First, I just wanted to try Tumblr and see what it’s like. Second, Tumblr themes are badass. Third, topherchris’s blog sucked me into Tumblr. He’s Tumblr’s Editorial Director and general internet jackass. Everyone running a community should watch and learn from topherchris.

Update: A nice side effect to publishing on Tumblr is that people are now following us on Tumblr. That’s a new distribution channel for us.

Now, please head over to and watch pmarca in formal VC Wear:

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