37signals’ This week in Twitter has inspired me to round up this week’s most popular @venturehacks tweets:

Entrepreneurship is not an end in and of itself. Serial entrepreneur is an oxymoron.

“I start companies because it gives me an opportunity to create teams.” – @englishpaulm, http://vh.co/b0tGgY

“Integrity is the safest way to make money… Situational ethics problem is huge (‘everyone else is doing it’)” – Buffett, http://vh.co/9VLhSh

What Business is Wall Street In? http://vh.co/b61I7s. Too many aphorisms in this thoughtful post by @mcuban. Just read it.

From Zero to a Million Users http://vh.co/aEHIzO. Tons of marketing tactics in this talk by @drewhouston at @dropbox & @asmith at @xobni.

Instead of showing our avatar next to each tweet, I’ve picked images that are related to the tweet. And it’s easy to find your most popular tweets on the Your Tweets, Retweeted page on Twitter. For this post, I picked tweets that had 8+ retweets.

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