Some people don’t like our posts about AngelList. I’ve heard this enough times now that I want to address it. But first, thanks for the feedback and for reading our stuff. Here we go…

AngelList is product-izing everything we’ve written on Venture Hacks. Would you rather do a search on Google or would you rather have Larry and Sergey tell you how to use the Dewey Decimal system?

Nothing would make me happier than making everything we’ve written on Venture Hacks irrelevant. Our motto at the office is “productize yourself.” And I think you can learn as much from our posts about AngelList as any of our posts on how to structure your board of directors.

That said, we’ll try to write more about non-AngelList topics. As always, thanks for the feedback and for reading our stuff.

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  • Patrick

    Hey Nivi,

    I’m sorry. You guys definitely do not suck. I am extremely appreciative of the site; I think what Venture Hacks and other startup writers are doing for the entrepreneural community is great and helps bring clarity to an industry where it’s difficult to learn best practices etc. That comment was made in the heat of the moment, when I saw still another post about Angel List… But again I appreciate sites like Venture Hacks.

    Keep up the awesome job!


    • Nivi

      Totally cool. Don’t even sweat it. My post wasn’t directed at you. It was halfway a response to my own thoughts. I just had the link to your comment handy.

  • Taylor Alexander

    I tried “productizing myself” but I got some nasty calls from the Sheriff’s office so I gave that up. 😉

    But I personally like the AngelList posts. I’ve only recently gotten into the startup community, but until AngelList gets its own blog (which wouldn’t be a terrible idea), I want to have some place to go to find out whats new on the site. I haven’t put myself on AngelList yet so I don’t notice all the changes.

    Though really, it probably does make a lot of sense to just put a separate blog about AngelList on AngelList.


  • Aaron Klein

    Pet peeve: people who try to control the content of other people’s blogs… 😉

  • pardeep

    venture hacks will only suck if it does not help me raise 10 squibillion dollars

    On a more serious note, if the whole point of the blog was to help people with capital and advice on capital than what better than a practical implementation?

  • femaleentrepreneur

    don’t stop, we need you. things needed to evolve and Angel List is a key part of that process.

    you guys are making a difference. you also occasionally make me emoticon. that is a pretty big deal.

  • luc

    AngelList is great and bring clarity don’t stop guys! please 🙂
    Go a step further: gather a common fund to create a Ninja technical team able to prototype and test very fast the great ideas stucked at the seed founding stage…

  • daryn

    I like hearing the updates about AngelList, but I’ll +1 that the ratio of AngelList posts to other is a little steep these days 🙂

  • Pavan

    This taught me a valuable lesson in public relations. Stop the negative discussion about your brand by addressing it immediately. The current ways I know to monitor your company or brand is through a Google Discussions search and Google Alerts. I wonder how Nivi and Naval discovered the negative opinions of the recent blog posts on Vhacks?

  • Nick

    While other people want to kiss ass, I have to be honest – I stopped reading because of the overflow of AngelList posts. Each one felt like reading an advertisement, and let’s be honest…nobody likes reading ads.

    I appreciate all that you guys do, but I felt it was necessary to give you some feedback.

    @Aaron Klein: It’s not about controlling the content of other people’s blog, it’s about giving honest feedback. Do you think they’d prefer that all the people who didn’t like it just stopped coming here rather than letting them know what they’re doing wrong?