Liz Gannes from AllThingsD has a great article on AngelList today:

“AngelList ran the numbers this week and found that venture capitalists are actually more active than angels on its year-old service…

“Currently, 725 angels and 557 venture capitalists subscribe to their matchmaking service. (Nivi counts 378 of the VCs as multi-stage investors, and 179 as seed-fund investors.)…

“AngelList doesn’t formally track the investments that occur due to those intros, but Nivi estimated that the service has helped orchestrate funding for 219 start-ups from 384 investors.

“AngelList counts about half of the investors in each category as active participants. Active seed fund investors have taken 5.6 AngelList intros on average, active multi-stage VCs have taken 5.4, and angels have taken 5.

Read the article to find out who are the 5 most active VCs on AngelList and which VCs have recently invested in startups via AngelList.

We generated most of the data in Liz’s article at her request. It’s always fun answering questions from reporters like Liz because they force you to think.

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