Advertising Posts

For the last few months, we’ve been using InfluAds to power an ad widget near the top right of Venture Hacks. I think of InfluAds as “ads for startups”.

This is what it looks like:

Advertising with InfluAds gets you on Venture Hacks and about 20 other startup blogs like A Smart Bear, Tony Wright, and Hiten Shah. InfluAds calls that group of blogs the “startup community”. You can also advertise on other groups of blogs for Design & UX, Work & Productivity, and Web Development.

Personally, I like the ads — they’re relevant and tasteful. They’re modeled after ads from The Deck. Whenever a new ad shows up, I click on it to learn more about the product. I’ve corresponded with their CEO, Anibal Damião, over email and he seems genuinely interested in helping startups reach new customers with classy ads.

So check out InfluAds, tell them we sent you so we get rich off the referral fees, and use the VENTUREHACKS promo code to get a whopping 20% discount.