For the last few months, we’ve been using InfluAds to power an ad widget near the top right of Venture Hacks. I think of InfluAds as “ads for startups”.

This is what it looks like:

Advertising with InfluAds gets you on Venture Hacks and about 20 other startup blogs like A Smart Bear, Tony Wright, and Hiten Shah. InfluAds calls that group of blogs the “startup community”. You can also advertise on other groups of blogs for Design & UX, Work & Productivity, and Web Development.

Personally, I like the ads — they’re relevant and tasteful. They’re modeled after ads from The Deck. Whenever a new ad shows up, I click on it to learn more about the product. I’ve corresponded with their CEO, Anibal Damião, over email and he seems genuinely interested in helping startups reach new customers with classy ads.

So check out InfluAds, tell them we sent you so we get rich off the referral fees, and use the VENTUREHACKS promo code to get a whopping 20% discount.

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  • Jeremy Campbell

    I have been going back and forth with Anibal via email and love what he and his company are about. I’m buying the startup ad package for August, now if I can only get the 20% discount.

    Anibal really does care about startups and that is very evident in the way he communicates. Props to VentureHacks for going with InfluAds.

  • Lucas Dailey

    I think you should rename this post. I interpreted “Ads for startups” as being about a new ad platform that is particularly useful to startups.

    If it were something like “Ads targeting startups” it would be more clear.

  • AndreaF

    what are the prices? they are not on the site

  • Anonymous

    Influads has no pricing and it looks to be open for anyone to have the ads on their site… so I am confused as to how this is for, or by, startups? It looks like just another ad network.

  • Anibal Damiao (Damiansen)


    Anibal from InfluAds here.

    @LucasDailey: i would like to pick your comment to present a different perspective of InnfluAds that may be interesting for startups. Trough our API, we allow our ad to be setup in different places and incentivize apps to join us (web-based, desktop…) as long as they provide value to the specific audience of each community.

    An example of this is myOws ( They are one of our members with an app that provides copyright management and protection app for creatives, which is relevant to our “Design & UX” community. Our “Work & Productivity” community also include apps that use our ad to monetize differently:, an project management too, placed our ad in their free accounts, complementing their freemium strategy (similar to what evernote does). We belive that this strategy may be an option worth considering for young startups looking at some monetization while they focus on building their product, scale and before they define their future monetization strategy (including ads or not).

    @AndreaF and @anonymous: We haven’t placed prices in our website yet since we have small curated communities yet, where advertiser and publisher curation is paramount. Because we are currently focusing on product/market fit, this also allow us to better engage with our advertisers to understand their needs and react accordingly.

    Thanks for converage and comment guys

    Any feedback is very appreciated, feel free to interact directly with us.