Today we’re announcing that Thumbtack has raised money with AngelList.  Thumbtack is “your marketplace for local services.”

Thumbtack got their first commitments at Open Angel Forum, from Joshua Schachter, Cyan & Scott Banister, and Jason Calacanis. Then they used AngelList to contact Ariel Poler and Auren Hoffman who invested:

Ariel Poler (Investor in AdMob)
Auren Hoffman (Investor in Aardvark)

Thumbtack’s CEO, Marco Zappacosta, sent me this very nice email about his AngelList experience:

“Both Ariel Poler and Auren Hoffman came from AngelList. And Auren introduced me to Scott Fabor and Mark Britto who are also now investing. Joshua Schachter & Jason Calacanis are also on the list but I was first introduced to them through Jason’s Open Angel Forum.

“The value of AngelList goes beyond the money, though — the introductions have been killer, even when they didn’t net a check. I got to meet with Keith Rabois, Bryan SchreierFloodgate, First Round, Jeremy Levine, and others: relationships that I would not have been able to initiate without you guys.”

Read more about Marco’s fundraising experience on the Thumbtack blog.

About Thumbtack

What is Thumbtack? In their own words,

“Why can you go online right now and buy any product you want but you can’t do the same for tutors, handymen, dog walkers, or other local services? Thumbtack is changing that.

“Thumbtack isn’t like typical local search directories that simply return business listings with ratings and reviews, leaving you no better off than the paper Yellow Pages.

“Instead, Thumbtack gives you the ability to vet, contact and book service professionals the moment you find them.”

Sounds like a service I need to try.

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  • Vivek

    @Nivi, Very nice article. You guys at angellist are doing an amazing job. I have a suggestion

    I really liked the idea of evaluating the applications every week.
    How about publishing your results and tell the world why these companies got selected over the others.
    This process will eventually result in improving the quality of the applications.
    Applicants will ensure that they allign themselves with the parameters that you use to evaluate. This will result in more companies getting funded 🙂 And also other entreprenuers can learn how to pitch and what to concentrate on when approaching the investors

  • Nino

    I love the (literally) elevator pitch. It was funny and to the point!

    Of course, the great article was picked-up by my (demo) Yashboard page: