Today we’re announcing that LearnBoost has raised money with AngelList.  LearnBoost makes an “easy-to-use online gradebook for teachers.”

LearnBoost was referred to us by two-time Power Broker Harper Reed. They used AngelList to contact George Zachary and Jeff Fagnan who invested:

George Zachary (Investor in Twitter)
Jeff Fagnan (Investor in Songbird)

George then introduced LearnBoost to AngelList members Bill Lee, James Hong, and Othman Laraki who also invested:

Bill Lee (Investor in Tesla Motors)
James Hong (Investor in Slide)
Othman Laraki (Founder of Mixer Labs)

Finally, here’s a few of the investors who sourced LearnBoost without AngelList and invested:

RRE (Investor in Venmo)
Bessemer (Investor in Postini)

Update: Read more about LearnBoost’s fundraising experience on the LearnBoost blog.

About LearnBoost

What is LearnBoost? In their own words,

“Our Teacher Gradebook is the best gradebook software on the web.

“Beautiful design and wonderful user experience makes you wonder why you’ve been using other gradebooks. Plus we’re free. Your new found productivity means you can spend more time doing what you do best: teach.”

Update 2: Learn more about LearnBoost in this detailed Xconomy profile: LearnBoost Bets on Better Tools for Teachers.

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