Last week, Naval threw a Venture Hacks meetup at SXSW and sat on the Seed Combinators Panel with Paul Graham, David Cohen, Marc Nathan, and Joshua Baer. Much thanks to everyone who joined us. Here are some pics and highlights.


Photo by Joshua Baer

Photo by Elegant Machines

My favorite paraphrased quotes from the panel — I grabbed them from Dave McClure’s tweets:

“Can you start a startup alone? Yes, of course. it’s entirely possible to raise kids alone, but it’s easier to do it in a marriage.” – Naval

“The Y-Combinator application form is like an intellectual CAPTCHA.” – Paul Graham

“Incubators are graduate school for entrepreneurs… instead of getting a job, create jobs.” – Naval

“We often fund companies on 2nd/3rd try… Drew Houston at DropBox was an initial reject.” – Paul Graham

“Press is negative ROI in most startups.” – Naval

ReadWriteWeb also has a good round-up of the panel.


The last minute meetup was a monster, check out the pics and video. Thanks to everyone who came. You can find each other on Plancast and Facebook.

Photos and video by John Price

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  • Mike Dilibeto

    Naval — Thanks for putting on a fantastic meetup at SXSW! I made a lot of great connections there, it was great to meet everyone face to face and find a crowd of people so enthusiastic about startups and entrepreneurship. Already looking forward to next year!

  • David Lifson

    It was at this meeting that I pitched Dave McClure… and got funded! It’s a great story that I’ll share in a couple weeks. Suffice to say, thanks so much for having this event, and it was fantastic to meet Naval in person.

  • David Wong

    Hi Naval — I’m just curious about your quote:

    “Press is negative ROI in most startups.” – Naval

    Do you know where I can find more information which elaborates on this? I’m from Sydney and had to miss out on the event.