You already know about AngelList, our curated list of top tier angel investors.

You also know that you can get in touch with these angels by sending us your pitch and, if it’s investment grade, we’ll pass it on to the angels. We’ve already announced the first startup that was funded this way and more announcements are on the way.

In the meantime, I thought you might like to know which angels have taken meetings (or are setting up meetings) with the startups we’ve sent to AngelList. It’s a pretty awesome list of angels. All of these angels have given us permission to use their name. In no particular order, here we go…

Dharmesh Shah (Investor in Backupify)
Thomas McInerney (Investor in Mochi Media)
Aaron Patzer
(Investor in Milo)

Shervin Pishevar (Investor in Gowalla)
Jeff Clavier (Investor in Mint)
Matt Mullenweg (Angel in DailyBurn)

George Zachary (Charles River)
Chris Yeh (Angel in EtherPad)
Jeff Fagnan (Atlas)

Brian Norgard (Angel in
Mike Hirshland (Polaris)
Alex Finkelstein (Spark Capital)

David Cohen (Techstars)
Bill Lee (Angel in Posterous)
Michael Dearing (Angel in Aardvark)

Rob Go (Spark Capital)
Richard Chen (Angel in Aardvark)
Joe Greenstein (Angel in Eventbrite)

Ann Miura-Ko (Investor in Modcloth)
Andrew Parker (Union Square Ventures)
Jon Callaghan (Investor in Meebo)

Ho Nam (Investor in JS-Kit)
Rob Lord (Investor in Grockit)
Pejman Nozad (Investor in Dropbox)

Fadi Bishara (Investor in Bebo)
Thomas Korte (Investor in Heroku)
Salil Deshpande (Investor in Engine Yard)

Mark Suster (Investor in
Peter Chane (Investor in Aardvark)
Gabriel Weinberg (Investor in Wakemate)

David Cowan (Top 10 on Forbes Midas List)
Bijan Sabet (Investor in Twitter)
Bob Shapiro and Drew Turitz (Sandbox Industries)

Chris Sheehan (Investor in Carbonite)
Sim Simeonov (Investor in Veracode)
Satish Dharmaraj (Investor in Posterous)

Keith Rabois (Investor in YouTube)
Manu Kumar
(Investor in CrowdFlower)
Bipul Sinha
(Investor in Sweepery)

Phineas Barnes (First Round Capital)
Saar Gur (Investor in Admob)
Ariel Poler (Investor in StumbleUpon)

Andrea Zurek (Investor in Tapulous)
You (Join AngelList →)
And You (Join AngelList →)

That’s 40+ angels and counting who have taken meetings from AngelList (ping me if I missed you or I shouldn’t have included you).

I want to thank all the angels who are making AngelList happen and the startups who are applying for intros. Startups, apply for an introduction to AngelList here. Angels, join AngelList here.

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