I watched most of the Startup Lessons Learned Conference from home. Thanks to the magic of justin.tv, I also brushed my teeth, had breakfast, cleaned the bathrooms, and did a couple phone calls at the same time. Here are my two favorite talks from the conference.

Steve Blank: Customer Development 2.0 “Why Accountants Don’t Run Startups”

Steve‘s talk is a must-watch. I’ve watched it twice now.

Video: Customer Development 2.0

Kent Beck: Beyond agile programming

Kent Beck is a natural speaker, brilliant, and humble to boot. Fans of agile software development and extreme programming will especially enjoy this talk. At least watch until he talks about scratching goats — that’s my favorite part.

Video: Beyond agile programming

There were many other excellent talks at the conference — see them all here. Now I’m looking forward to the Startup School conference, coming later this year.

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