“This is probably the first methodology that’s been crowdsourced. Big idea. Unlike previous methodologies where there was an author, textbook and take-it-or-leave-it, this is an iterative process and I think we’re all collectively getting smarter at a very scary rate.”

Steve Blank (at 6:53)

Where can you find the best startup advice? Short answer: We collect it in this daily email, daily RSS, or real-time Twitter. Here’s a pic of the email version:

Long answer

When we started Venture Hacks in 2007 (April 1st to be exact), there wasn’t a lot of great startup advice on the Web. Of course, we weren’t the only game in town and guys like Paul Graham and Fred Wilson were rocking well before us (I’m sure I’m ignoring many other examples).

Since then, the quantity of good and bad startup advice on the Web has exploded. I listed 20 startup blogs I read religiously in The Startup MBA. Many good startup blogs have popped up since — Chris Dixon‘s and Mark Suster‘s blogs come to mind (I’m sure I’m ignoring many other examples again).

Who has time for this?

We do. We read every post on dozens of startup blogs and Hacker News. Then we link to the good stuff with Twitter. And if you don’t want to miss a link in your Twitter stream, sign up for the daily email or daily RSS too.

Help us find the best advice

Please tweet good startup advice to @venturehacks — that’s much better than email. We’ll try to credit you if we link to your suggestion.

Steve Blank is right — we’re all collectively getting smarter at a very scary rate.

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