There are almost 300 VCs on AngelList now. Investors from Sequoia, Kleiner, Accel, Greylock, CRV, A16Z, and on and on. They all take intros via AngelList and you can see which ones are the most active here.

Four startups have already used AngelList to raise their Series A. So if you’re raising a Series A and you want to raise money on market terms, from the most value-add investors, fast, reach out to the AngelList community here.

If you just want intros to VCs, we can do that. If you want intros to angels too, we can do that. The angel picker gives you complete control over which investors see your startup.

And if you have any questions about your Series A, feel free to email me at

Appendix: What’s a Series A these days?

I think of a Series A as a round that’s big enough to require at least one (multi-stage) VC. Today, you can raise a seed round of $25K – $1.5M from incubatorsangels, seed funds, VCs, or any combination of these four. But once you get above $2M, you usually need a VC in the deal. That’s my definition of Series A.

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  • Hong Quan

    Great to see the range of funding that can be obtained on AngelList. So $2M is the new Series A? We’ll definitely be using AngelList when the time is right. Thanks for creating this awesome service for entrepreneurs.


  • Anonymous

    What are the Series A terms these days? Since we’re in a very “entrepreneur friendly” period, I figure the terms have changed in the past 2-4 years.

  • Anonymous

    Who are the four funded startups? I’d like to hear from them about their experience.

  • JH

    Really wish you would open this up for non- tech investments. In the process of building a bricks and mortar healthcare services company in India and wish something like this would be available for the sector…

  • Justin golden

    @JH. is my email address