“Sweat the details and corner cases… Fix the bugs no one else notices.”

– Facebook’s Aaron Sittig at a Design Tech Talk (video)

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  • parker

    This is easy to say, but taken literally will seriously slow your product development cause you to miss opportunities. Obsess over imperfections sure, be emberassed by your suck sure, get everything in the backlog sure. But, fix the bugs that you think are hurting users or prevent you learning something. This is an ROI question.

    If you want a snappy retort: Don’t let the perfect is the enemy of the good.

  • sebastian

    honestly, I don’t feel this is really adding anything to whatever (not to me at least).

    And the duct tape thing, that can have bad readings. I mean, if you are good you read “fast prototyping and scaling from there” if you’re a monkey with a mac you read “even shitty code will do” (but will not).

    Design matters.

    At al levels: from code to UI/UX.

  • nicholas

    @ parker, sebastian

    I’d like to see a talk on developing the skill to determine when something matters and when it doesn’t.

    Maybe it’s not black and white.

    Great entrepreneurs have a strong sense of the moment and adapt. Sometimes you want to fix the bugs nobody notices. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes design matters. Sometimes it doesn’t.