Michael Wolff on Guess Who:

“Windows knocked him off the main stage for 10 years; then the Internet seemed to sideline him; not to mention that serious business people (along with many others) thought he was nutty; then he had problems with the SEC (and not insignificant ones); then he nearly died.”

They call this resiliency.

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  • His Shadow

    That quote is hilarious. Jobs SEC troubles were so significant that he, uh… sold his shares and we never heard about it again.

  • Robert Sanchez

    Can everyone have that same resiliency?

    Should they?? 🙂

  • Kirti Deshpande

    Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Being resilient is extremely important and so is being realistic. Jobs has a lot of great qualities that make him an exceptional CEO and a role model for so many people.

    The real test of his leadership, however, will be how he sets up a legacy at Apple and whether it can survive after his departure. Who is the next Steve Jobs? Will people love him/her? Will he/she be able to live up to Jobs’ standards? Fluctuations in the Apple stock price whenever Jobs is admitted to the hospital is not a promising sign for investors and customers.

    Perhaps a good thing to do would be to start thinking about that successor and bringing him/her onstage on upcoming Apple launches. Letting that person steal the thunder from Jobs would be a very good sign and an indicator that Jobs is really unparalleled. Right now it feels like Apple is Jobs and Jobs is Apple.