Highlights from the @venturehacks Twitter feed.

How real-world corruption works http://vh.co/blCKEu. This is awesome. Great negotiation advice. I read every word. Thank you Internet.

Clay Christensen’s milkshake theory is my favorite way to think about competition & substitutes: http://vh.co/a2nezA

Every time you e-mail prospective investors, include good news (product, traction, team…). It stimulates reciprocity: http://vh.co/9XXzSi

“In a nutshell, anything that takes more than 3 sentences to explain to your peers does not work in reality.” – Kutt, http://vh.co/9qHp1C

“[Apple’s] continuous iterative improvement… is easy to overlook if you’re observing it in real time.” – @gruber, http://vh.co/al0uNF

Instead of showing our avatar next to each tweet, I’ve picked images that are related to the tweet. It’s easy to find your most popular tweets on the Your Tweets, Retweeted page on Twitter. For this post, I picked tweets that had 10+ retweets.

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