There isn’t much to do on AngelList if you’re not an approved angel. Startups can apply, track some basic stats about their application and that’s about it. The angels get all the cool features for now — for example, they get a pretty nice interface for reviewing pitches that I’ll show you sometime.

But until then, check out this real time feed of investor activity on the AngelList home page:

When an investor takes an intro to a startup, invests in a startup, shares a startup, or likes a startup, you’ll see it on the home page. We obviously don’t display the startup’s name. And, of course, angels can go anonymous.

This is the real time pulse of AngelList. We stare at it all day. It’s also a pretty nifty way for angels to get on the home page (we get requests for this all the time). So please let us know how you like it.

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