Daniel Odio from AppMakr is chronicling their fundraising in a series of blog posts starting here.

AppMakr used AngelList to close Mitch Kapor, a VPE at Google, Jeremie Berrebi, Pietro Dova, and other folks in the paperwork stage.

And Daniel’s first post includes a long interview with Naval:

Video: Daniel Odio interviews Naval

See Daniel’s post for more details and an invite to the AppMakr party on October 28th. Thanks for putting this together Daniel.

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  • Alex

    Excellent interview and thanks for taking the time Naval. Also great questions from Daniel as they were taken right off my tongue as a new entrepreneur.

  • b3nr0m

    Yes, great interview. Valuable information for this fledgling entrepreneur so thank you Naval and Daniel. Naval, see you
    next week at “Fundraising 101.”

  • melkinny360