We’re spending the next few months officing at Kicklabs at 250 Brannan (info@kicklabs.com) and the new SOMAcentral building at 153 Townsend (ken@somacentral.com).

These spaces are good for startups, service providers, lawyers, VCs, and folks in the south bay who want an auxiliary office space in the city. Leases are short, rent is affordable, and they’re perfect for small teams under 5 people.

Kicklabs (top) is a big fun open space. SOMAcentral (bottom) is the opposite: private offices with doors that close and great views. We’re using both. If you’re looking for office space in San Francisco with Zipcar-like simplicity, check them out and tell them we sent you.

Please add your office space suggestions in the comments — keep them restricted to places with leases under 6 months that are good for small teams (~ 5 people).

At the end of the day, the reason to get an office is simple. It is so you can bring people into your office and say, this is where I office.

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