Highlights from the @venturehacks Twitter feed from this fortnight. The most retweeted tweets.

“The toughest and most important decisions in technology companies are always about product strategy.” – @bhorowitz, http://vh.co/a3DO7h

“With our stock buyback… we were signaling that we didn’t see much of a future in our business.” – @fredwilson, http://vh.co/9udDmm

You have acquisition interest—now what? http://vh.co/98Yy4n by @davidcohen. The negotiation principle is “reciprocal displays of commitment”.

“You can explain your business in mind numbing detail or you can inspire an investor and let them imagine.” – @fredwilson, http://vh.co/bLdDQm

“Whenever you see a company being built for an exit, you will see short term decision making.” – @BostonVC, http://vh.co/btEkaA

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