I’m working on a Quora thread called:

Which startups have been funded via AngelList?

So far, the thread lists 27 startups that have raised money with AngelList. I think the real number is closer to 40 and I’m still prodding AngelList startups to write responses. Check it out.

Quora makes it fun and easy to create quality content. But that’s not the only reason I used it. Quora lets people answer in their own words, without going through my filter. So readers get to see the raw data. And it opens us up to revision and criticism. We don’t control the environment so the data seems more authentic.

I’m guessing the Quora team shudders at the thought of Quora marketing (I would too) but good marketing is just good communication and education. Everyone who works on a Quora thread is driven by an incentive and talking about your product isn’t a bad one.

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  • Randall Bennett

    I think you’re right on with good communication and education as good marketing. I think as long as you’re honest about who you are, and you’re not trying to take over a conversation (ends justify the means types of people) Quora marketing definitely isn’t bad.

    Though the first time I see someone write “Why does every business need a social media expert like me?” it’ll probably signal the start of Quora’s Eternal September.