That’s a tweet from Albert Wenger at Union Square Ventures. Thanks kindly Albert.

The Firehose is a new feature on AngelList that gives investors unfiltered access to all the startups that want to meet them. Startups tell us who they want meet — if they say they want to meet Albert, they show up in Albert’s Firehose. If not, they don’t.

We still go through the Firehose every day and email the best startups to the investors they want to meet. But every investor has different filters. And they want to find startups before anyone else gets their hands on them. That’s what the Firehose is for. Investors login every morning to see what’s new on AngelList (we get 10-20 new startup applications a day).

We released the Firehose last week and 37 startups have already gotten intros to 12 investors like Thomas Korte (Heroku), Bob Pasker (Mint), Ori Sasson (VMWare), Beau Lasky (Playdom), Auren Hoffman (Meebo), and Peter Chane (iLike).

That’s 37 startups that probably wouldn’t have gotten meetings with investors if they had to rely solely on the Nivi and Naval filter. There’s no reason we should be the only filters on AngelList and we’re working on ways to get the right startups into the hands of the right investors on AngelList.

We’re really excited about this feature — big ups to the law offices of Leonardo, Slayton, and Capone who built this bad boy.

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  • Ben Longstaff

    What would be a great service similar to AngelList would be a way for programmers with an entrepreneurial bent to get introduced to early stage startups that are working on interesting problems, basically a way to make it easy to find people in the entrepreneurial world that fit in the early stages of this video.