Here’s the fifth class of Steve Blank‘s customer development course. Make sure you listen to Steve’s story about how he funded IMVU at time 27:50. Steve is a master of using theatre to extract compliance from customers, investors, you-name-it.

This is wonderful material for entrepreneurs. I’ve already taken the class and I still subscribe to the Venture Hacks podcast and listen to the classes on my iPhone.

Administrivia: The sound quality of the lecture improves dramatically after the first few minutes. New students can catch up on Class 1, Class 2, and Classes 3 and 4. The readings for each class are listed in the syllabus. The main text for the class is Steve’s must-read book, Four Steps to the Epiphany.

Audio: Customer Development 5: IMVU (mp3)

You can find the second half of this class in How IMVU learned its way to $10M a year.

There are no slides for this class.

Topics Customer Development