“nicely done as always. i can count on one hand the number of daily emails worth signing up for.”

Matt Oesterle, Sweepery

We read a lot of startup blogs and share our favorites on Twitter. But not everybody uses Twitter. And the folks who use Twitter follow too many people to catch all our links.

So we’ve put together a daily digest that we’re calling “Startup News”. Once a day, you get links to our favorite posts via email or RSS (if you want to read it on the Web, go to our Twitter page).

Here’s what it looked like a couple days ago:

If you want us to consider including one of your posts, submit it to Hacker News — we read it every day. Or tweet it and include: “Tip @venturehacks”.

Try out Startup News for a few days via email or RSS. And please give us your feedback in the comments.

Thanks to Mihai Parparita, whose wonderful Twitter Digest makes this possible.

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