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Jonathan Grubb, Founder of Get Satisfaction

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Tim O’Reilly

Our favorite books for entrepreneurs. In order of importance. We don’t recommend a book unless we refer to it regularly. $13,385.74 of books sold, as of November 23 2009.


The Four Steps to the Epiphany
Steven Gary Blank
The closest thing to a manual for building a startup. Marc Andreessen calls it a “a roadmap for how to get to Product/Market Fit.” Our full post →


Extreme Programming Explained
Kent Beck
Revelatory. Develop your product like this book tells you to, unless you know better (e.g. you have experience building operating systems, space shuttles, Googles.) Buy the first edition. Our full post →

Product Development Flow
Don Reinertsen
This is a very advanced book on the underlying theory of product development, agile, and lean. There is nothing else like it. You can skip it — or soldier on. The sections on non-linear product development and decentralized control are unforgettable.


The Essential Drucker
Peter Drucker
The basic theory of management. Endless aphorisms… “An increasing number of people who are full-time employees have to be managed as if they were volunteers. They are paid, to be sure. But knowledge workers have mobility. They can leave. They own their ‘means of product,’ which is their knowledge.” Our full posts: 1 2 3


The Human Equation
Jeffrey Pfeffer
Hidden Value
Charles A. O’Reilly III and Jeffrey Pfeffer
“Hiring the best” is not a useful strategy. Only one company in the world can have the best. So organizations must be designed to thrive with ordinary people. These two books also attack the pernicious assumption that compensation should be the foundation for management systems. And they lay out thoughtful, practical alternatives. Our full posts


Bargaining for Advantage
G. Richard Shell
My favorite negotiation book period. It synthesizes the principled negotiation of Getting to Yes with the psychology of persuasion in Influence. I refer to it often. Among other things, it helps you answer questions like “Should I be the first to open? Should I open optimistically or reasonably? What sort of concession strategy works best?” Our full post →

Getting to Yes
Roger Fisher, William Ury & Bruce Patton
The fundamentals of principled negotiation. A good primer before you read Bargaining for Advantage.


The Definitive Book of Body Language
Barbara and Allan Pease
Our bodies are having secret conversations with each other every day. Body language communicates what we’re really feeling, what we hesitate to put into words. When you speak body language, you can read people better. And positive body language leads to positive thoughts.

Our books

Pitching Hacks: How to pitch investors
Nivi and Naval
We’ve raised $100 million for startups like Epinions, invested another $20 million in companies like Twitter, and advised many others. Pitching Hacks shows you how to apply the simple lessons we’ve learned along the way. “Your first stop if raising money!” – Adam Smith, Founder of Xobni