This Xconomy article by Wade Roush does a great job of telling the AngelList and Venture Hacks story:

In Seed Funding Race, AngelList Sorts the “Junk” from the “Maybes”

I hesitated to link to it because these articles always make you look more handsome than you really are. But Wade does a great job of rounding up the state of the art of angel investing and placing AngelList in that context. Here’s a choice quote:

“I think the way to get into angel investing is, first, you obviously have to have money; you have to have a brand, otherwise you are not going to be differentiated and you are not going to see good deals; and you have to have a network of angels to work with, so you can move in packs and find other people to help you with due diligence,” Ravikant says.

It’s only then that AngelList can help. “The final thing is that you need to have good deal flow, so that you can see when the good things come along,” Ravikant says. “We will bring you deal flow, make it easy to syndicate deals, and we’ll show you deals that hopefully over time matches up to your interests.”

Check out the rest of the thoughtful article.

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