It’s a pain in the ass for interesting startups to get meetings with good angels. You have to bug your friends, one-by-one, to introduce you to the angels they know.

The global community of angels on AngelList offer an alternative.

Startups apply to AngelList, we pick the ones that we think the angels will like, and we send them to the angels. The angels read these pitches, meet the startups they like, and, perhaps, invest.

We’ve announced 5 startups that have been funded through AngelList but, as Scott Austin reports in The Wall Street Journal,

“Of the 48 companies featured so far on AngelList, about half have received funding.… Marco Zappacosta, founder of Thumbtack Inc., a site that lets people book services like tutors and dog walkers, won three commitments from angels after pitching his company in March at an Open Angel Forum event in San Francisco. He then turned to AngelList and received three more commitments to close a funding round at $1.2 million in June. The service, he says, “is good at getting worthy start-ups into the inbox of investors.”

Read the full article here before it goes behind the WSJ’s pay wall.

By the way, the 5 startups that we’ve announced are Startup 0, Postling, Divvyshot, MightyMeeting, and BlockChalk. Scott “outed” Thumbtack in the WSJ — so that makes it six.

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  • Phoebus Melbourne

    More appropriate title would be:

    Angel Investors get free chance to find great Startups

    I wonder why people think that Startups need Angels more than Angels need Startups.

  • Ryan Nile

    Congratulations! Keep up the great work guys.

    Speak soon.

  • Nick

    I love the pic of the actual WSJ Article rather than just a link. (Plus I don’t have subscribe to read the rest of the article. 🙂

    And they say nobody reads the paper anymore. 😉