William Pietri left a great comment on Books for Entrepreneurs: Agile Software Development:

“Great to see these approaches getting more attention in the startup world. I’ve been soaking in both agile methods and startup companies a long time, and I think they go perfectly together. They provide just enough structure to make everybody effective, without unnecessary constraints or process bloat.

“One of my clients, sidereel.com started with an XP-ish process from the first week. They had an alpha for investors in 2 months, a private beta in 3, and a public beta in 4 months. Now they’re happily funded, up to a dozen people, and just shy of Alexa 1000 site [emphasis added].  Weekly iterations meant they always had new progress to show potential investors. And being able to change direction easily meant they could try a lot of things out and invest heavily in areas the users liked.

“Speaking of which, I and a colleague are interested in trying out some variations of the Planning Game with a couple of user-focused startups. If any VH readers want to be guinea pigs, we’re looking for Bay Area teams that are early in the process, actively struggling to put together a product plan, and have both business and technical people involved full time. If there’s anybody here that meets those criteria, just drop me a line. My email address is my first name at my domain name [scissor.com].”

Also check out An XP Team Room, where William walks us through the offices of a lean startup in gory detail:

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  • Zach Larson

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    I’m one of the founders of SideReel and had been an agile guy for some time before we started our company.

    The benefits of agile thinking (let alone methodologies) has been a serious competitive advantage for us. It’s not just the product/software side either; agile thinking has infected our entire decision making process. Making a series of small bets (small iterations) to see what pays off the best (frequent feedback) has proven to keep us tightly focused and spending money where it has the most effect.

  • David Major

    Zach what about the profitability side of things? Were you profitable right away or are you yet to break even?

    Lastly, how are you displaying adSense on your site when others are not?