We’ve updated the presentation in A quick and dirty guide to starting up. The new presentation includes the notes that accompany each slide.

I’ve also included the new presentation below. Watch it in full screen mode for maximum pleasure. The full screen button is at the bottom right of the embed and it looks like this: .

(Slides: A Quick And Dirty Guide To Starting Up (pdf))

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the presentation:

“We are faced with insurmountable opportunities.” – Pogo

The most important thing: idea intelligence connections experience determination.

Ideas, and therefore NDAs, are worthless.

“… as in all matters of the heart, don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs, on picking co-founders

Co-founders are the biggest failure mode for startups.

“If you are facing in the right direction, keep walking.” – Buddha, on focusing your time in a startup

Markets are relatively efficient, so your first product is probably wrong.

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  • Ryan Graves

    Quit your day job is the hardest part…its the only thing I haven’t done….

  • Zoran

    There is misunderstanding of word ‘niche’. I have seen even some startups burned-out tons of time, energy, money and man power to ‘go global’ and finally got money streams from one single niche.

    I would rather go after markets. If market is big enough and you have solid plan how to dominate, make temporary monopole, go execute it… if you see upcoming technology change will affect some market and you think that you are able to provide solution better then anybody else go after it go go go don’t stop… thet is how youtube conquer video, apple with ipods / itunes music… skype phone etc.

  • Jeff Widman

    Very, very good. I’ve seen enough basic ideas brilliantly executed and brilliant ideas barely executed to know that determination is where it’s at!

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