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“It is an odd reflection on the priorities of our society that we value finance over technological innovation.” – Peter Thiel

Eric Ries

“At IMVU, we opened up our board meetings to the whole company.” – Eric Ries

“Every startup has a chance to change the world, by bringing not just a new product, but an entirely new institution into existence.” – Ries

“In a startup, both the problem and solution are unknown.” – Ries

Lean startups can be the most capital efficient companies in the world, because they strive to prevent energy from being expended uselessly.” – Ries

“The hard part is to figure out the fewest possible features that could possibly accomplish your company’s goals.” – Ries


“Are you so busy building barriers-to-entry that you’re not even in the market yourself?” – Us

“There’s only once company in the world with the ‘best’ developers. The rest of us have to make better products through better processes.” – Us

“Fund-raising is where you do or don’t capture the value of all the work you’ve done since you started the company. Treat it like an M&A.” – Us

“You’re not a team until the members take responsibility for combining their individual works into a collective work.” – Us

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  • Kate

    I really like these quotes! As someone who is working to get a start-up in the social networking/casual games arena up and running, these pearls of wisdom ring so true! Thanks for the great blog! I read it everyday.