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Epic post on how to demo from Wufoo: How We Prepare a Demo.

Startup compensation studies from 2008 and 2007 for IT and Life Sciences.

What the office of a lean startup looks like: An XP Team Room.

“Revenue… first… then… traction… is the safest way to grow a business but also the hardest move to make.” – Fred Wilson

“Write a blog, not a business plan.” – Dharmesh Shah

Don’t start a company if you’re not willing to start another one if this one fails. You can’t land on the moon with one shot.

In fund-raising, the exam comes before the lesson. Exam = Term sheet. Lesson = The multi-year consequences of the deal.

How to use an audience to get your way when you’re negotiating.

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“IMVU… shipped in 6 months. Charged from day 1. No press releases. Shipped 20 times a day. 2007 revenues of $10M.” – Steve Blank and Eric Ries

“You’re going to have a hard enough time convincing your management team to work on the problem that you’ve decided to pursue, let alone having competitors go steal your idea and do the exact same thing.” – Dharmesh Shah

Sophisticated internet investor will give CASH for vague promises

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