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Kleiner Perkins

kpcb.png“Entrepreneurs do more than anyone thinks possible, with less than anyone thinks possible.” – John Doerr

“If the reason you’re taking on a mission is for the money you’ll make, I believe you’ll fail.” – John Doerr

“Where most entrepreneurs fail is on the things they don’t know they don’t know.” – Vinod Khosla

“How would you compete against yourself?” – Vinod Khosla (ppt)

“We are in the company building business, not in the ‘deal’ or ‘capital’ business.” – Khosla Ventures

“The great danger of dealing with venture capitalists is the ‘slow maybe’.” – John Doerr

“We never ‘vote’ against management teams in our board role, except in making CEO decisions.” – Khosla Ventures

“All start up companies have one thing in common–they all get in trouble. It’s how they and you on the board handle their trouble that separates the winners from the losers.” – Tom Perkins

Peter Drucker

peterdrucker002.jpg“You cannot build performance on weaknesses. You can build only on strengths.” – Peter Drucker

“One does not start with facts. One starts with opinions.” – Peter Drucker

Warren Buffett

“I’ve never gone to bed with an ugly woman, but I’ve sure woke up with a few.” – Warren Buffett, explaining bad investments

“When the phone don’t ring, you’ll know it’s me.” – Warren Buffett, explaining how he might say ‘no’

“If you are a professional and have confidence, then I would advocate lots of concentration.” – Warren Buffett


“Succeed and you are a brilliant visionary. Fail and you are a delusional loser.” – Don Dodge

“You don’t need permission to start a company. From investors, co-founders, or anyone else.” – Venture Hacks

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  • zubispeak

    If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur…:

    Don’t make a detail plan of what you want to do..
    Don’t look for logic in places, where is none…
    Don’t try talk common sense to the people, who has none…

    Get ready to adapt, maneuver and do anything to get to the next day…

    Because, there is always Tomorrow, my friends and if my todays’ attempt was not successful, I will do it a different way then…