According to Google Reader, we write 2 blog posts a week. And according to TweetStats we write 73 tweets a week.

If you only read our blog, you’re missing the great links we post on Twitter. We take the same care with our tweets that we do with our blog posts and we try to keep the quality stratospheric.

You can follow us on Twitter but maybe you’re already following too many people. So we’ve created a daily digest of our tweets that you can get via email or RSS. 600 people have already subscribed to the digest and it looks like this:

But wait there’s more! First, we’re working on a redesign of the digest with a designer who can only be described as a badass — subscribe and you’ll see it first. Second, we usually preview new projects like StartupList and AngelList on Twitter for many weeks before we publish them here — again, subscribe and you’ll see them first. Third, we’re working on a sweet new project that we’ll preview on Twitter soon — its code name is “Talk”.

So give tweet a chance: Twitter, Email Digest, RSS Digest.

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