John Manoogian sent me this great trailer for The Player, a satire of the movie making system in Hollywood:

(Link: The Player)

Silicon Valley is the Hollywood of startups.

Business plans are scripts, entrepreneurs are writers, engineers are talent, VCs are studios, angels are independent financiers, recruiters are casting agents, lawyers are lawyers, advisors are agents, points are options, TechCrunch is Variety, and so on.

What analogies am I missing?

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  • mike-biostat

    Outsourcing firms are like stunt doubles?

  • Brenda

    Okay, I “get” the analogy. But don’t people in Hollywood do a lot of sleeping around to get their projects sold or get others to sleep with the check writers?

    Am I missing something here? Am I missing getting in on all the action? hahaha

    I’m President/CEO of my own company and have just figured out why I’m missing out on funding opportunities.

    Show me the cute VC’s so I can stop this funding merry-go-round and get the money I need sooner rather than later… and can finally enjoy the process I hate with excruiating passion… the trailer I need right now is the one SHOW ME THE MONEY!

  • Forrest Wright

    I’m a film producer turned marketing consultant and I think your analogy is a good one. Go one level down and you’ll see that in something as simple as a pitch or a resume you have all the elements of a screenplay. The trick is knowing how to tell a story that captures people’s attention. And the good thing about Hollywood is that they have a formula for doing this.