We launched StartupList 3 weeks ago and immediately updated you on the day after results (75 new angel applications, 7 startups getting intros to 11 investors). Now we’re 3 weeks in and we’ve got great news.

The first startup has been funded through StartupList. The investor is Matt Mullenweg and it’s a Y Combinator company. We’re not releasing the name of the startup right now but let’s call it Startup #0. This is a big milestone and we want to thank Matt, the AngelList investors, and the startups who’ve applied to StartupList for making it happen.

Power Brokers: Our new referral program

We also want to thank you for referring startups to StartupList and AngelList. And we want to single out Rob May (@robmay), founder of Backupify, for referring Startup #0. So we’ve created a referral program to thank you for your referrals. It starts with a list Power Brokers: people who’ve referred high-quality startups to StartupList — check it out.

Here’s what we do for the power brokers. If we select a startup you’ve referred for StartupList, we highlight your name to all the investors on the list (for example). This is an awesome way to build a relationship with the investors on AngelList (and us). Second, we’ll highlight your name in announcements about the startup (see the fine photo of Rob above). Third, we’re brainstorming other ‘thank-you’s’ for the power brokers. An invite-only conference with the angels on AngelList? A demotivational poster? Please share your ideas in the comments or email me.

If you refer a startup to StartupList, please tell them to fill in your name in the field for referrers in the application.

New investors on AngelList

We’re working through the investors who’ve applied to AngelList. There’s 54 investors on the list so far and about 25 of them have asked for intros to StartupList startups — here’s a few examples:

Ann Miura-Ko from Maples Investments
Jon Callaghan (Investor in Meebo)
Michael Dearing (Angel in Aarvark)

These are just a few of the new angels who’ve asked for intros… go browse all the investors and tweet them a hello.

And you don’t need StartupList to get in touch with the angels — you can contact many of them directly or, better, through the referrals they list. But you should still apply to StartupList because it often takes three tries to get a meeting.

Twitter Widgets

I’ve collected Twitter testimonials from AngelList members in our Twitter favorites:

Widget: Venture Hacks Twitter favorites

And this Twitter list of AngelList members is always fun:

Widget: AngelList Twitter list

Startups: apply to StartupList here. Angels: join AngelList here. Everyone: thank you for being part of this.

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