Update: The most up-to-date list of Scouts is here.

AngelList Scouts find high-quality startups for the angels on AngelList. When a Scout tells us to look at a startup, we pay attention.

UpdateLiz Gannes covers this story for GigaOM.

We look at every startup that applies to AngelList — whether or not they have social proof — but a little social proof makes it easier for us to say yes. And the social proof of a Scout is especially interesting to us.

Why? Because the average Joe usually doesn’t get anything when he makes intros for a startup. He might get some advisory shares but that’s rarer thank you think.

The Scouts program is different. First, the Scouts are getting AngelList profiles with badges that display how many high-quality startups they’ve referred to the community. With the startups’ permission, we’ll list the names of the startups too. And most important: the Scouts will be able to send startups directly to AngelList, under their own names, without us in the middle.

Who are the Scouts? Each of these Scouts has sent us one high-quality startup that was good enough for AngelList. And most have sent more.

Los Angeles:

J. Grubb (@jonathangrubb), Founder of Get Satisfaction


Tony Wright (@webwright), Founder of RescueTime


Harper Reed (@harper), Former CTO of Threadless

New York:

David Lifson (@dlifson), CEO of Postling

Silicon Valley:

Rafael Corrales (@rafaelcorrales), LearnBoost

Jamie Quint (@jamiequint), Founder of Snaptalent

Gagan Biyani (@gaganbiyani), Founder of Udemy

Sam Odio (@sodio), CEO of Divvyshot

Jason Putorti (@putorti), Founder of Votizen

Sundeep Ahuja (@sunrock)


David Hauser (@dh), Founder of Grasshopper, Chargify


Brendan Baker (@brendanbaker), Oxford MBA

And here’s a Twitter list of the Scouts: @angellist/scouts.

How do you get to be a Scout? Refer one high-quality startup that’s good enough to share with AngelList (tell startups to list you in the referrer field). Then get in touch with us, tell us you want to be a Scout, and we’ll start a conversation. I’m sure we’ll modify these guidelines over time, but it’s a good start.

Questions? Contact our Scout @brendanbaker and cc me @nivi.

If you’re a startup that’s trying to contact the angels on AngelList, consider getting in touch with one of our Scouts. They can help.

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