We recently wrote about the first startup that got funded through AngelList: Matt Mullenweg invested in a Y Combinator startup we called Startup #0.

Today, we’re announcing that Postling is the second startup to raise money from AngelList. The AngelList investors are:

Dave McClure (Investor in Mint)
David Cohen (Investor in Twilio)
Thomas Korte (Investor in Heroku)
Chris Yeh (Investor in PBworks)
Paige Craig (Investor in Plancast)
David S. Rose (Investor in Ambient Devices)
Thomas McInerney (Investor in Mochi Media)

Gary Vaynerchuk and Kal Vepuri, who aren’t on AngelList yet, also invested. That’s an awesome list of angels.

How did Postling do it?

First, Postling had traction — in fact, they were already charging for their product.

Second, they listened to customer and investor feedback and pivoted into a larger market during their fund raising process. More details about the pivot in this post on GigaOM — Postling’s website doesn’t reflect the pivot yet.

Third, the company was started by two of the founders of Etsy. But they didn’t need that pedigree to raise the round — they could have done it with just their traction and pivot.

Update: Read Postling’s story, in their own words: The inside story on how I raised $200k in 6 days.

AngelList is growing quickly

There are now 75 angels on AngelList and we’re adding 1-2 new angels a day like Mike Maples, Ram Shriram, and Aydin Senkut. You can track the day-to-day minutiae of these angel’s lives with the AngelList Twitter list:

Startups: Get intros to AngelList here. Angels: Join AngelList here. Everyone: Get AngelList updates with Twitter or RSS. Thank you all for being part of this.

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  • Gary Watson

    This service looks useful to companies like mine in the $50m to $100m size that are hesitant to hire a dedicated social media team. I think we’ll give it a try and see what happens. And I think this is a pretty safe angel investment and one of the few Web-based startups that make financial sense to me.

  • Thomas Korte

    @Nivi/Venturehacks — Thank you for introducing me to posting. They are awesme founders with a great vision!

    @all startup founders — AngelList has become one of the best places to get introductions to high quality (aka value add) angel investors.

    I am waiting for the weekly VH introductions email like I used to wait for my Sunday New York Times: You never know what’s in it, but it is always good!