videophone.jpgWe will be holding our first Office Hours this Thursday!

The “office” is a teleconference that anyone can join via Skype or phone. The dial-in information is below.

Bring your questions about raising capital to office hours—we will do our best to give you answers. You can also submit questions in the comments below.

We will record the call and put it online for those who can’t join the teleconference.

Unless you announce your name, you will be anonymous to everybody on the call. Naval and I will see your Skype username or phone number through an administrative panel—no one else will see this information.

We’re looking forward to it, it will be fun.

And, as always, Venture Hacks does not provide legal advice.

Dial-in Information

Time: 1:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-07:00)

Date: Thursday, June 7, 2007

Skype Number: Skype: +990008278597334 (free)

Phone Numbers: (you pay long distance or national rates)

U.S.: 1-605-475-8590
Austria: 0820 4000 1574
Belgium: 070 35 9989
France: 0826 100 277
Germany 01805 00 7649
Ireland: 0818 270 034
Italy: 0848 390 175
Spain: 0902 886 051
Switzerland: 0848 560 195
UK: 0870 738 0763

Conference ID 5592734


11 To raise your hand so we can unmute you.

*0 To increase volume.
*# To decrease volume.

*1 To play a menu of available features.

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  • Paul Sweeney

    What a great idea. I hope the skype holds up! Might be an idea to give people a way to “subscribe to the meeting/call” and then send them a reminder of call details to their phone (i.e. mobile phone). Just an idea! 🙂

  • David Handelman

    Super idea. If only the “Angel Investors” and the VC people would participate, Both sides of the fence would have an exceptional opportunities. Win-Win
    I will be traveling when the call is generated, but certainly want to see the results.
    Keep up the good work.

  • realtybaron

    Thanks for the call today, guys. I gained new knowledge even in a shortened call and am looking forward to more.

    FYI, it’d be helpful to open a group IM in parallel with the call for two reasons: backup in case conf call bugs out and a method to ask probing questions without interrupting speaker, alert moderators of misunderstanding, etc.

  • chrisco

    Great idea. Hope it went well. Did you run the call through Skype? If not, who? Also, the IM idea mentioned above could be interesting, but if to many people are on it or it is too active then it’s just a distraction at best. -chrisco

    • Nivi

      We used

      The benefit is that it lets people call in via a landline or Skype. Skypecasts don’t have the landline feature.

      The downside is that it is really hard to use the service and I had trouble using it during the call! I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.