Check out our new archives. They look like this:

We’ve gone through every single one of our 142 posts and (1) renamed some, so they summarize their contents more effectively and (2) filed all of them in the appropriate categories. Most of the posts are filed in more than one category.

If you’re just getting started, check out our posts on starting up, lawyers, and pitching. If you’re negotiating a term sheet, you might like our posts on auctions, boards of directors, and vesting. If you’re busy executing, check out our posts on lean and advisors.

The archives contain 75 categories in alphabetical order and, within each category, posts are in chronological order.

The old archives will stay online, but they’ve been out-of-date for quite a while and are now deprecated.

So, how can we make our archives more useful to you?

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  • Juha Lindfors

    Thank you — especially for categorizing the content! It is great help and a great resource for discovering missed posts and locating entries you remember reading earlier.

  • John Philip Green

    I like how you used anchor tags so we can have links to the different categories. Good for sending to others.

    You might want to consider putting links to all the categories at the top of the page, that jump you down to the anchors. Otherwise the only way of seeing all the categories is to scroll the whole page.

    Also, seeing as how articles belong to more than one “category”, why not just call them “tags”?

    • Nivi

      How would you design the “links to the categories at the top of the page”? There are 75 categories and growing — I’m stumped on how to lay them out. Please don’t suggest a “tag cloud”.

      We say categories instead of tags because (1) “categories” is plain English and (2) people use tags for all kinds of things — our goal here is canonical categorization.

  • LukeG

    Thanks! I actually think it’s a big deal, makes VH a much more easily-addressable resource.

    I like it when content approaches curriculum…