GigaOm TV released an interview with our Naval today. It’s pretty damn good:

Video: Naval on GigaOm TV

The topics aren’t new but I always learn something when I listen to Naval. He discusses the three traits you need to look for in a partner, how important it is to be in Silicon Valley, and lots more.

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  • Chris Albrecht

    Thanks for the link! Naval was a great interview. I learned a lot.

  • Zoran

    Half of my life went in front of my eyes while Naval answered those questions because I am an eyewitness to almost everything he said. I can’t agree more.

    Naval is like a very good professor… not selfish, gives what he knows and without reserve… I think one of best mentors somebody could have.

  • Patrick

    Excellent! A real pro talking about what they know. My favorite was the comment “It’s the people, stupid”. How true and not something you can understand until you have actually experienced it. It’s like kissing, until you’ve done it you really have no idea what it’s like.