Andrew Warner recently did us the honor of interviewing Naval for Mixergy:

Video: Naval on Mixergy

Watch the video to learn about the secret history of Venture Hacks and see why Naval calls this the most thoroughly researched interview he’s ever done. I also sneak on the set for 5 seconds before they throw me off.

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  • Andrew Warner

    Venture Hacks & AngelList are the 2 sites my past guests mention more often than any other.

    I’ve wanted to interview one of you for a long time.

    Thanks for doing it Naval!

    • Bill McNeely


      You did a great job conducting the interview.

      You asked questions and let Naval answer.

      You also knew when to ask a follow up question to extract further information.

      You also knew how to get Naval to tell a story he did not want to tell but you brought it out of him.

      Great Job!


  • @ljacobs215

    This is one one of the most skillfully conducted interviews I have ever seen This dude, Andrew if for real.

  • Gagan Biyani

    I used to say that Michael Arrington was the best interviewer in tech. After this and a few more recent Mixergy interviews, I think Andrew Warner could give him a run for his money!

    Also, it was fascinating to hear more about the history of VentureHacks from Naval – thanks for the candor.