Today we’re announcing that MightyMeeting is the fourth startup to raise money with AngelList. MightyMeeting is “WebEx for iPad” and it also works on iPhone and the Web. They also happen to be based in New York.

George Zachary from Charles River Ventures introduced us to MightyMeeting’s founder, Dmitri Tcherevik. I think George met Dmitri at Founder Showcase. George was already committed to the financing and wanted to use AngelList to help raise the rest of the round. We sent MightyMeeting to AngelList, and Dmitri got 10 intros in 4 days. The AngelList investors, including George, are:

George Zachary (Investor in Twitter)
Bill Lee (Investor in Tesla Motors)
Andrea Zurek (Investor in Tapulous)
Shervin Pishevar (Investor in Gowalla)

Great startups can raise money wherever they are. In this case, a bunch of Silicon Valley investors invested in a New York startup. But AngelList has investors from all over the world (New York, London, Boston, LA, Europe…). And startups apply for intros from all over the world (Israel, Sweden, Italy, Argentina…).

Update: Read MightyMeeting’s story in their own words: Raising a Seed Round in 21 Days. And here’s a video of MightyMeeting on the iPad:

New angels on AngelList

Meet a few of the new angels on AngelList:

Geoff Ralston
Investor in Powerset
ex-Chief Product Officer at Yahoo
Sam Pullara
Several stealth investments
EIR at Benchmark
Josh Stein
Investor in SugarCRM, Managing Director at DFJ

You can track the day-to-day minutiae of these investor’s lives with the AngelList Twitter list:

Startups: Get intros to AngelList here. Angels: Join AngelList here. Everyone: Get AngelList updates with Twitter or RSS.

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  • Mark Essel

    Congratz to MM on the seed rounding.

    From a quick view, how does this differ from something like adobe meeting, slideshare or netmeeting? Is it because it’s iPhone OS specific as opposed to being a web app?