Go read Mike Speiser’s new blog: Laserlike. Its theme is, “Free ideas. Just add execution.”

Mike recently joined Sutter Hill Ventures as a Managing Director. Before that, he founded Epinions with fellow Venture Hacker Naval Ravikant and founded Bix (acquired by Yahoo).


In his second post, Mike writes,

“The theme of Laserlike is that ideas are overvalued. Entrepreneurs spend too much time worrying about protecting their ideas and not enough time launching them!

“I’m going to share my thoughts during my presentation at TiEcon this Friday at 11am, during which I am going to “give away” three of my favorite ideas. I will then blog about those ideas in more detail after the presentation and will continue sharing and discussing ideas openly on Laserlike in the future.”

My favorite idea on his blog is Shadow Market: Money management by the masses.


Make sure you read Mike’s TiEcon presentation (pdf). The section on execution is invaluable. Here are some of my favorite snippets:

“The real cost of a startup is not career risk, but rather the amount of time and psychic energy they consume.”

“Startups launch to the world too quickly and then lose some of their natural advantage of flexibility by inheriting backward compatibility.”

“Apply the same filter on your investors as you do on your founders.”

“If you have traction, you have a good deal of leverage. Even if you don’t have traction, you are better off boot strapping than going into a long‐term business partnership with the wrong person or firm.”

“While it’s possible to invent a massive new market at the same time as building the market leader in that market, it’s a low probability bet.”

“The winner in your market will likely be the one with the best leader. A startup CEO needs to convince people to make “irrational” bets with their own lives. He needs to convince customers to be early adopters. He usually needs to raise capital and manage risk averse investors. A great group of people with a weak CEO will lose. A strong CEO has a strong grasp of strategy, can sell anything to anyone, and can inspire people to do what they never realized they could achieve.”

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