Actually two dueling inspirational speeches. Very NSFW — contains, as they say, “strong” language.

Video: The Thick of It, Season 3 Episode 8, Ending speeches

Thanks to Fred Destin for suggesting we post some lighter fare once-in-a-while. And see why Mark Suster thinks inspiration is a critical piece of what makes an entrepreneur.

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  • Antone Johnson

    Nice! In a similar vein, Dave McClure’s fantastic presentation at Twiistup 7 yesterday (“Startup Metrics for Pirates”) was equally inspirational — and equally profanity-laced (as he promised us it would be). The highlight was where he had the audience alternatively yell “F**k” and “Kill” to make a point. I guess Dave has a different idea of NSFW. 😉 Here is a link to his presentation on Slideshare for any who are interested:

  • Dave McClure

    Now that is my kind of inspiration — nice, Nivi 🙂

    And thanks, Antone… probably one of my favorite moments of all time on a stage, with everyone in the audience off their rockers for a precious 30-60 seconds. Priceless.

  • Robert Scoble

    My favorite is “inch-by-inch” from Any Given Sunday: — any time our team feels down or defeated we play this and it always gets us up and ready to go back out and improve the world.