Slowly, slowly, we’ve been making improvements to the Venture Hacks website:

1. Popular Posts

They said this widget would make us famous. They lied. And still, we’ve added our most popular posts to the sidebar:

This is a great place to start looking through our archives — especially if you’re new to the site. It’s like high school for blog posts.

2. About Us

We’ve added a whole damn page about us:

Finally, you can meet the guys who write this baloney.

3. Supporter Posts

This baby displays the latest post from our current supporter:

Fred Destin‘s the name. VC’s the game.

4. Product Page

The coup de grâce: all of our products in one convenient product page:

This is easily the most fabulous place to peruse our free and paid products.

How can we make our site better for you?

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