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The latest post, Fred Wilson’s 5 rules for finding product/market fit and turning it into dollar bills y’all, is a winner.

Here’s an RSS feed of my Quora activity, but it’s not just posts, it includes activity like votes too.

Finally, I’m always posting the best startup content on the Web to the @venturehacks Twitter feed. I read all the startup blogs, Hacker News, Quora, etc. and tweet about the best of the best.

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  • Sal

    That Quora feed has a ton of feedback. If you subscribe to that thread does that mean you’ll get emails for every reply?

    • Pavan

      Hey Sal – I think so, but you can probably unsubscribe within the email itself if you feel like you’re getting too many replies.

  • Pavan

    I like number 4, because everyone kept telling me that my idea to make personal training in gyms cost 90% less told me I was nuts. Then my partner and I got a round of angel funding.